New Years resolutions: Health and Wealth

So I’ve finally got my New Years resolutions sorted out and they’re realistic rather than ‘pie in the sky’ fantasies that have zero chance of actually happening. Without further a-do here they are:

  1. Get my weight down to 85-90kg by the end of the year which is averaging 1.5kg per week – exercise plus a good diet will achieve that without too much stress so the big thing is sticking to that programme rather than it requiring something radical occurring. Currently I’m at 158kg which is down from the original weight of 193 so 35kg lost in 90 days or 2.7kg per week. Hopefully by the time my man comes back from his overseas trip and I’m back at my normal job that I’ll be below 150kg (preferably below 145kg).
  2. No more accumulating debt and by that, I mean I am living within my means and learning to say no (important to differentiate between debt that is carried over the months vs. putting my bills through my credit card and paying it off at the end of the month in full to acquire the points for Fly Buys thus no debt is transferred forward). Part of that involves putting a small amount of money aside each week rather than chucking it on the card and dealing with the fall out at a later date.

    Part of the move to BNZ also meant being able to keep track of money a whole lot easier using their online tools that they provide to customers. Will I be good with money? With some self discipline and focus – yes I will. Eventually I want to get the debt down and then moved over to BNZ with their 12 months interest free on the low interest card thus finish consolidating everything to a single institution. Long term – I want to be able to save up to buy what I want without the use of debt – yes, an old fashioned concept but something I need to get back into because I used to be a good little saver but I guess earning a decent wage (at least for me) kind of encouraged a more ‘do what ever you want’ ethos rather than long term planning.

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