Microsoft vs. Google: Observations

Google has announced the bringing together of Android Pay and Google Wallet into a single offering called ‘Google Pay’ ( link ) which kind of makes me wonder whether this is part of a larger over all strategy that Google has been slowly leaking out over the last year or so. One of the earliest ones I saw was the creation of Allo and Duo with me thinking, “why, they’ve already got Hangouts’ but gradually what has happened is Hangouts is now being re-imagined now as a casual chatting application but as a collaboration tool perfect for enterprise customers with its UI revamp so it takes on an appearance/behaviour that one observes with Slack, Teams and so on.

When it comes to Microsoft, although I hear a consistent ‘doom and gloom’ message from the Microsoft enthusiast community but the reality is that Nadella is making some some tough but much needed decisions. Microsoft selling off of their music devision – who benefits with a division that is losing money hand over fist and there being no evidence that music is a loss leader which has an halo effect in terms of introducing customers to other Microsoft products? same can be said for movies, television shows etc. eventually you’re going to see the offerings stripped back to a store that has applications, games, extensions, software updates rather than trying to be everything to everyone. Microsoft really do need to focus on what is their core business; Windows, Office, Surface, XBox, and services that bring all that software and hardware together – let the grudge match between streaming platform providers keep losing money and remain focused on the big prize at the end.

There are big changes in store in my life – along side my weight loss I’m also making changes in the technology I use which I’ll talk about in later posts.

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