Losing weight: things to remember

As people are trying to stick to their new years resolutions here are some things to remember when you’re on your weight loss journey:

  1. Weight loss isn’t a linear and by that I mean you cannot always predict that your body will do something based on the perfect set of inputs – you might lose 4 kg one week, flat line the next week then lose 0.5kg yet do exactly the same routine every single week. I say that because people get despondent because they believe they’re doing everything right and yet they aren’t getting the sorts of results they expect based on the routine they’ve developed.
  2. Yes it is about calories but it is how you acquired those calories. Could you lose weight simply by eating twinkies and keeping within a prescribed number of calories? sure but would it be healthy? no way! see your daily intake (there are calculators online where you feed in your height and weight along with your activity level) as an allowance that you have to spend each day – do you spend that allowance on food that’ll give you a sugar spike then suddenly feel hungry an hour later or do you spent the allowance on food that will make you feel full afterwards and stay with you for the whole day?
  3. It takes a while for your taste buds to get used to new flavours and cutting our sugar from your diet. Your body is expecting one thing and ends up getting something else, your taste buds are used to a certain level of sweetness but ends up getting a much lower amount of sweetness. It will take a while for your body to get used to it but stick to it and find other things to sooth that sweet tooth as you wean yourself off the sugar cravings.
  4. Don’t try to run from your calories because calories will always win. What do I mean by that? don’t eat and then think, “oh, that’s ok, I’ll burn it off when running/walking tonight” because never in all the time I’ve attempted to lose weight does it ever happen, why? because it is difficult to be consistent and there always be something that’ll prop up out of nowhere and as a result you’re always finding yourself fighting a losing battle for time. Treat exercise as an icing on the cake so then your diet is always in deficit and if you happen to do some exercise then it is a bonus rather than a core essential component of your weight loss strategy. For me I go for a power walk – it refreshes my brain and works out the stress from work so then I can go to sleep with a clear mind and able to start afresh the next day for work.
  5. Don’t moralise food by using it as a punishment or reward, see it as fuel for your body and if you over indulge then don’t guilt yourself whilst remembering that the next day is a new day with a clean slate. If it keeps happening – analyse and look at the root cause because there will be a trigger and if it means having to get counselling then do it – you’ll thank yourself for not getting stuck in a cycle of dieting, failure, depression, eating then dieting failure, depression etc. etc.
  6. Talk to your doctor – they’ll be able to help you or at least point you in the right direction. Remember, there is no shame in asking for help.

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