Charting a new course: New domain, new outlook, new way of thinking

I’m a strong believer that everyone has the right to re-invent themselves when they find that their public persona no longer represents who they are (part of that has come about with the weight loss journey I have been on over the last 5 months) where I’ve found that I wanted something that more accurately represented my outlook on life. All parts of my life were rebooted – to draw a clear line of demarcation between the old and the new/past and present – new clothes, new computer platform, new lay out of my flat etc. nothing was off limits – shaking things up and starting afresh which has been also a good way to get out of a rut that I also have found myself in.

Part of that reinventing oneself includes simplifying my life – less drama and less things I’m having to deal with and that included moving everything to Google That is the decision I took – why have multiple services when you can consolidate and reduce the number of different websites needed to accomplish the same task. I’ve decided that rather than bringing all my blog posts from my old domain and WordPress I decided to start a fresh but that being said I’m going to copy over some information that is still very much relevant such as my personal background information along with a few articles.


I’m going to upload some reviews over the next few weeks of my migration away from Apple (iMac, MacBook, iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV) to Microsoft and Google (Surface Book 2, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and eventually a Dell XPS 8930 with a monitor). That’ll be a long term project because I also want to to talk about my experience of giving Microsoft a chance in terms of Edge, email service and so on and why, although I love Windows 10 as a consumer their free services leave a lot to be desired especially when trying to integrate their cloud offerings in with Android especially when you consider how broken many of the features actually are. What I can say is that Windows 10 is a huge leap forward over the last time I used it – GDI scaling is great and it is now possible to force it to scale nicely, parts of Windows 10 have finally gotten fixed up etc. but I’ll leave that for the review. Oh, and nice side note, Dell is finally including a wired USB mouse and keyboard with their desktops – thank god because I’m certainly not a fan of wireless keyboards and mice.

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