Technology setup complete

Well, things are going well – I’ve had a look at the Intel NUC I was going to purchase and number crunched. When one considers what one will use it for does it really make sense spending a huge amount on a desktop when 95% of the time it’ll be used for blogging, YouTube, replying to Reddit/Arstechnica/Neowin? the NUC7i7BNH does the job nicely and when peered up with a Samsung monitor, keyboard, mouse, webcam plus components it works out to be considerably cheaper than a full sized desktop with the added bonus that I have more space on my desktop. Then on top of that I’ll throw Windows 10 Pro onto it (I’ve installed it on my mothers i3 NUC and it worked flawlessly) which will be perfect for a desktop setup.


Everything one needs and nothing I don’t – I’ve got the XBox One S for gaming and Bluray playback so I’m all good in the hood with the configuration. Today I went into PB Tech and picked up everything on that (plus a mouse mat, thumb drive and blank DVD) and balanced it on my bike on the way home. I checked out the monitor because I read online that it was a TN based LCD monitor and having read horror stories of TN reputation I checked it out cautiously – I had to do a double take because I thought maybe they had buggered up the labels but nope, Samsung has done a really good job with their monitor. So here is the setup now:


Very fast and reliable so far – I wasn’t expecting this sort of speed at this price but it appears that the combination of great drivers and the work Microsoft has done in terms of optimisation of Windows 10 has really paid off. I’ve gone completely end to end Google when it comes to email, blogging etc. and I keep my Microsoft account around so I can access applications as they become available for Project Centennial. I’ve already bought Affinity Photo and Designer already as to avoid the mess that Adobe has turned into (I have CS6, the last version before Adobe went to renting their software as a business model) but Affinity have really stepped up and providing many with exactly what they’ve wanted for years. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the coming years as the likes of Affinity portfolio expands especially with the launch of Affinity Publisher which will step in as a replacement for Quark and Indesign. All in all I am happy with how things are but I’m not going to put out a formal review for at least a week or two or otherwise it’ll end up coming off as ‘first day high’ rather than ‘sober long term review’.

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