A backup plan is always good along with sifting through the cruft build up

So I’ve got a couple of things on the go right now – the existing job I have, which is seasonal, is all ok but the ideal situation would be to move into a job that is full time permanent and to be completely blunt – earning more than the minimum wage. One is at a bank with really good pay – the likelihood of me getting it? very slim – not that I lack confidence but I’m realistic about the fact that there are probably tonnes of people who also applied for the job as well so in the end it is a numbers game rather than some sort of ‘personal assault ones personhood’ if one doesn’t get the job.

Oh, and I tried to splash out today with some ice cream – I got a small tub of really good stuff and I couldn’t’ eat it. I has been 5 months since I had something that sweet and my body cannot take it – I’ve got a sore stomach and I’m drinking water but holy crap if this is the result of not eating something sweet for months and then my body convulsing with a small exposure then I’d hate to know what the long term damage it must have been doing to my body when I was eating on a regular basis.

There are rumours regarding a project called ‘Polaris’ being talked about over at Windows Central (link) but from what it sounds like Microsoft is wanting to strip out the stuff from win32 that UWP doesn’t rely on (win32 as a subsystem also encompasses things that what most platforms would consider part of the subsystem such as the UI components (in macOS there is the BSD subsystem that sits on top of XNU with with the Cocoa framework linking back to the BSD subsystem which links back to the Mach underpinnings that Apple prefer you didn’t directly link to). The unstripped down win32 would then be moved into a virtualisation or a container like scenario (think of Solaris Zone’s where you could run a Solaris inside another Solaris instance such as running Solaris 2.2.4 within Solaris 10 which avoids having the overhead associated with a traditional virtualisation solution. The other part makes me wonder whether we’ll see something like WSL emerge like a classic Windows component which is sandboxed and quarantined off from the pristine legacy free system so that end users can continue rocking along whilst maintaining the system integrity by ensuring that the applications can not muck around with the underlying operating system in very much the same way that occurs with ChromeOS and how one can do a power washing and remove all traces of an old configuration.

They say that you really only have one chance to make a good impression and in the case of Microsoft they’ve refreshed Edge for Android but once again it is only available in the United States and United Kingdom Play Store – if Microsoft is serious about their cloud offering they need to drop this provincial US/UK centric approach and go global – there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to get access to Edge for Android without having to use an elaborate VPN configuration to trick Google Play Store into believing that I reside in the United States. As a result of all that they’ve lost me as a customer – I’ve now gone 100% with Google – Google Docs instead of Microsoft Office, Google drive for all my storage needs and so on. Yes I am but one man but how many people have been put off with Microsoft’s mucking around and just walked away? Btw, yes, I sent an email to the email address listed on the Edge for Android page over at the Play Store – it was ignored by Microsoft by virtue of no reply to my query about the application not being available in New Zealand.

The experience so far with Windows 10 has been great – learning new skills every day and finding new applications such as a bulk renamer so I reduce the file name down to 8 characters but since they’re music files Explorer already reads the metadata so I still know what the song is even if the file name is just a series of numbers (I maintain the same folder structure of the album sitting inside a folder with the album artist’s name. During that whole cleaning up of the tag on the file I deleted a shit tonne of music that I simply didn’t listen to and just filled up space – the net result? my music library went from 200gb of crap to 45gb of content that I’ll actually listen to from end to end. I re-encoded the flac file originals using dbpoweramp and the FDK aac compressor with the net results being pretty damn good but keeping in mind that I plonked the setting at 256kbps VBR with high quality encoding so with a bit rate that high there are very few things that can actually go wrong.

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