Things you learn when one is more patient and read

Funny thing I came across when I did a phone reset on my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – as well as realising that I didn’t actually have to make a Samsung Account but actually the final page of the setup process wasn’t about whether I wanted to update Samsung applications but whether I wanted to install them in the first place. I couldn’t work out why people were talking about how Samsung had reduced the amount of crapware on their phone and I thought, after setting up my phone, that maybe they had a different definition of what crapware is when compared to what I thought crapware was.

Anyway, what I did when I did a factory reset was actually read what was on the screen and I realised “hang on, I don’t need to make a Samsung account” and at the end, “oh, and these aren’t updates, these are first time installation” to which I deselected ever Samsung piece of software but kept the Google software thus what was installed at the end were the bare basics from Samsung (Phone, Messages, Contacts, Files (file manager), a link to the Galaxy Store, a tutorial, Samsung connector (to connect and manage other Samsung products) and MySamsung (I assume if I want to set up a Samsung account at a later date)).

So once I read the fabulously friendly instructions I found that actually the Samsung devices these days are pretty slim in terms of the Samsung bundled stuff which is great for someone like me who is ‘all Google’ but keeping in mind that I’d be open to Samsung services if those services were accessible through the desktop/laptop where as right now their cloud offerings are very restrictive. It is rather a shame that Samsung isn’t looking beyond the narrow range of gadgets that can access their cloud services because the Samsung brand holds a lot of sway in the Asia-Pacific region so it would allow them build up their services as a real business rather than something that comes along as an accessory – maybe team up with Microsoft and leverage their datacentres and launch their own Samsung branded email aka etc. which would also raise the profile and brand.

Regarding my networking setup – I had a Google Wifi in the past but I had a negative experience due to the mesh like setup that added latency and really hit performance when making large file transfers however what I’ve done is replace my Ubiquiti setup with a Google Wifi setup but the difference this time around is that I have them chained together via ethernet cable rather than having a wireless repeater setup. What is the net result? throughput is better (I can hit my theoretical maximum on my connection when running the speedtest on the website). Amazing what one can achieve with a few hours up ones sleeve and some determination:








1) Is in the lounge room where it is out of the way and doesn’t look too conspicuous, 2) Was where the old Ubiquiti AP was located (I bought a 3M patching kit which included a mesh which goes over the hole where the wire was fed in through), 3) Is in my bedroom on the other side of the bed, 4) Is in the spare bedroom where the fibre feed comes in here on the right I had mounted my USG to the wall. I use BigPipe which has the added bonus of not requiring vlan tagging so I have no issues setting it up with my ISP. The one in the spare room is the master router which serves out IP addresses to the network with the two others being in bridge mode.

Regarding reviews, I’ve got some reviews that’ll upload in the next few weeks; Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Surface Book 2 and NUC desktop along with the nVidia Shield 2017 (version 6.3 of their software has just been pushed out which includes the latest security updates from Google plus features from nVidia) plus anything else I trip over – oh, and the YouTube Red and Netflix regarding the transition from ‘owning my own music’ to the new model offered by YouTube Red (which gives access to Google Play Music along side various other features of the subscription).

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