Things I’ll never understand

I’m at work and there is the Super Bowl on the big screen but I’ve never been able to get into the sport – the constant stopping and starting makes for a slow and disjointed game where as I’d sooner watch Rugby or even Aussie Rules because of its free flowing nature. It is something I never really got into and I don’t think I will – for a lot of New Zealanders they go along because of the association of Americana and cool (something I’ve never been able to understand).

Reading through my twitter feed and it is amazing how often I’ll see New Zealanders prop up spewing out right wing talking points to the point that it is a vein attempt of ‘Sempai America, please notice me!” as if they cannot see the obvious contradiction of being ‘patriots’ and yet spending most of their time snivelling up to a foreign power. Then again the obvious contraction is lost on them just as Trump claimed that he wanted to defend ‘western values’ yet nothing in his latest budget is spending more on education, arts, culture, civics etc. which would educate a generation as to the basis of western liberal democracies and the philosophical underpinnings to it. Oh silly me, if the population were educated then Trump would never have stood a chance in a generation election with a educated and enlightened population. Anyone get the feeling that when Trump uses ‘western culture’ it is yet another dog whistle to the racists?

Regarding Jacinda going up to Waitangi and the reaction by the right is funny especially the commentators. It is funny because they seem to have the mindset that being the government involves barking orders down from up on high – yes, great work that has been when there was the health fiasco and all the minister at the time could do was bark orders that they need to be ‘more efficient’ yet gave no specifics in terms of pointing out line items in the budget being out of kilter and what needs to be done nor could he even be bothered leaving his comfortable office to meet with the hospital administrators and work through the issue to have a better understanding first hand on what is going on. Again, there is this association of governing a country with barking orders instead of working together with those parties that are stakeholders in the outcome of any policies that are formed. Why is Jacinda there? how about this revolutionary idea – going to the coal face and hearing first hand rather than hearing information fed through 3-4 layers of bureaucrats and middle managers before it eventually gets to the politicians.

There is a local Green Party meeting this week so I’m going to rock along and contribute – it’ll be a change for me but very much sticking to my social libertarian roots but more of a centre left economic perspective. As my old man used to say, better to get involved and try to make a different than being the arm chair politician that rants and raves but never does anything to at least try to change the situation. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to get involved or even run as an MP in a particular area – should be lots of fun to get out of the house and get active in the community.

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