Why did I reverse course?

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve moved back to WordPress after going ‘all in’ with Blogger and that is primarily because the lack of social network integration between Blogger and the likes of Twitter. I’ve also kept the same domain name but now have a .com suffix on the end rather than a .co.nz one – the .co.nz will now point to the .com domain but after a year the .co.nz will fall off the edge and it’ll be all .com going forward (if I could cancel the domain and get a partial refund I would have gone ahead but unfortunately I didn’t read the fine print – something I’ll remember to do in future (highly unlikely I won’t avoid the same mistake given that it has happened before – famous last words as they say lol)). As they say, you live and you learn. I’ve got a late start tomorrow so I’ll get to sleep in but the big question is whether the job offer comes through as my boss from my old job is wanting to know what is happening. In the end I’ve prepared for the worse and hoped for the best – if it means that I get the job then that is cool but if I don’t then I’ve always got my old job to go back to and my I’ve told my boss that unless something pops up in the next couple of weeks then I’m going to assume it has fallen through and I’m heading back to my old job.

I had signed up also for YouTube Red and I’ll be sticking to it – although I have gave Spotify a chance, it was a matter of $12.99 per month for YouTube Red (ad free YouTube) and Google Play Music vs. $14.99 for Spotify and all I get is music with the Spotify service (I provided feedback to Spotify that they really do need to team up with an organisation like Netflix or Amazon to offer bundled deals). Although in an ideal world I’d stay with Spotify since I enjoyed the stand alone application, the amount extra per year really couldn’t be used to justify the extra expense. That being said, it isn’t uncommon that most people use WordPress – Blogger is very much hanging around but it is rather limited. I guess it is the old situation of using a service where the company has what they’re offering as their main bread and butter rather than as an after thought.

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