Continuing to reverse course

You’ve probably read that I’ve reverse course by heading back to WordPress but part of that reversal has been a return to Apple as well. I gave Google and Microsoft a chance, I really did, but when you’ve spoilt with the integration and fit ‘n finish that Apple is renowned for you quickly lose patience. On a good side what I bought had the 14/30 day “money back guarantee, no questions asked” so the whole experience will be neutral but that being said the time wasted I’ll never get back so I guess there is value in the learned experience. I also need to stop being sucked into the hipster negativity that seems to permeate the IT world where there seem to be this equating of being a negative cycle person to being some how ‘above it all’ and ‘objective’ when in reality it is just an example of being and asshole but masquerading it as something more noble.

I’ve set up my Facebook account again – one of those things in life that if you want to keep in touch with friends, family and loved ones it is the best platform at the moment. Keeping in mind that I avoid the quagmire of political debates because unfortunately it always ends going down hill very quickly.

I’ll keep you, the reader, up to date as things change – lots of stuff happening in the next few weeks so hopefully everything will fall into place because all indicators point to things improving.

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