Get back into exercise again

Well, I’ve tried to stick to a decent diet plan as much as possible but hopefully it hasn’t caught up with me too much but that being the weather has been pretty horrible so hopefully once it all fines up on Tuesday I can get back power walking and focusing on those last few kg so I can get down to my ideal weight. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week – a new week, a new outlook on life and on the future. Tonight I was lazy and had hot wings and wedges – needed some comfort food after coming on my scooter and arriving home drenched from top to bottom since I was silly enough not to wear a coat on the way to work.

Regarding the return to the iPhone 8 Plus – oh how I love that I can receive text messages reliably these days. With the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus it was hit or miss which is especially annoying when you’ve got 2FA switched on and you need those text messages coming through so then you can authenticate yourself. It appears, at least in my experience, that Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus goes into some sort of ‘sleep mode’ when connected to a wifi network which disconnects itself from the mobile network resulting in text messages not appearing until you disconnect from wifi then suddenly a avalanche of messages all come through at once. Sigh, thank god I no longer have to deal with that fiasco (btw, it occurs with and without carrier services loaded onto the phone).

Looking forward to my day off – the start of a new beginning.

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