Tying up loose ends

So I’m officially starting a new job which means tying up loose ends – ending my contract with the recruitment agency as well as resigning from the catering job so I’m pretty stoked about starting a job that is permanent and full time without the unpredictability that I experienced with the catering job. The big focus for my next 12 months is to get back on track financially whilst also improving my health – the healthier I am the more productive I’ll be and the more productive I can be the greater the chance of being able to do over time and having fewer sick days.

It is great how everything just works together – being with BNZ which is linked up with Apple where iCloud links all my Apple devices (iMac, MacBook Pro, Apple TV and iPhone 8 Plus) together the experience is a lot smoother. The BNZ application on iOS feels sleek and modern, a great look and feel with very much a visual way of being able to deal with money such as dragging and dropping money from one account to another etc. IIRC the core banking system of BNZ is based on its parent company’s own core banking upgrade (National Australia Bank better known as ‘the nab’) which means they avoid all the mistakes of their parent company’s tumultuous upgrade process but gain all the benefits.

The Twelve South Bookbook case for my iPhone arrived on Sunday – the courier said he had a bit of a backlog so he thought he might as well get it all out of the way even if it meant doing some deliveries on Sunday. I’m pretty happy that it was delivered earlier and it makes me wonder why why we don’t have delivery days that include at least 1 weekend days so that it covers those who work weekdays. Oh well, one of those jobs that are still rigidly stuck on the 9-5 Monday to Friday schedule whilst the rest of the economy treats the weekend just like any other day of the week.

It is great to be back using macOS and the great news I’ve read has been that the developer for XLD is working on updating it to 64 bit given that in 10.13.4 (currently being beta tested) a message is now being given to end users that they need to update their software to 64 bit as 32 bit frameworks are being deprecated/removed. I’ve also bought a copy of the ff-works (formally known as iffmpeg) as I am getting back Into making videos again but I’ll avoid using YouTube because how abysmal the system is especially having experienced a false flagging for something as innocuous as a video where I did a product review. I’ll probably end up using Vimeo even if it means paying a few dollars each year that also avoids the toxic stew that is YouTube.

Part of ‘getting healthy’ is giving up soft drink – end of the day I don’ drink it for the sugar (I drink sugar free soft drink) but for the caffeine – solution? Drink coffee! The bonus being healthier and saving money in the process which is good for all concerned. Now, but the big thing to do is purchase some filter coffee and a plunger plus some milk – screaming turtle being my favourite brand of coffee although I’ll see what else there is available. Side note, when you have coffee with milk the milk slows down the release of the caffeine so you have a gradual release of the caffeine rather than a suddenly spike.

Anyway, in the next few weeks I hope to get some reviews up on my blog and diversify my opinions beyond just technology and myself – maybe talk about politics, philosophy, religious studies topics plus some book reviews too. Lots of stuff to keep my busy – idle hands are the devils playground so I’m keeping myself busy.

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