UniFi HD and USG setup along with ipv6 enabled

Ok, so I did something stupid, I reset both my USG router and UniFi AP AC HD back to their defaults, but on the good side I realised that I didn’t need to go through the drama of finding a switch then hooking up to the router then set everything up that way. What I found out was that the UniFi application for IOS has a nifty feature where you can scan the QR code on the back of the access point and you can set it up using the application then once that is set up you then load up the controller application on your desktop to then setup the USG router using the application although it is possible if you want to set it up via ssh session. After it has all been setup I then log into the USG via ssh, loaded up configure and entered the following:

set interfaces ethernet eth0 pppoe 0 ipv6 enable

edit interfaces ethernet eth0 pppoe 0 dhcpv6-pd pd 0

set prefix-length /60

set interface eth1 host-address ::1

set interface eth1 prefix-id :0

set interface eth1 service slaac




And that has enabled ipv6 on the internet connection with ipv6 also in the internal network. As you can guess, when it comes to the WAN port (eth0) it uses DHCPv6 but internally it uses SLAAC. It works with BigPipe but I’m unsure whether it will work with any other ISP beyond what is covered in this document ( link ) which is what I based my post upon. The net result when running it through ( link ) was the following:

Screen Shot 2018 02 25 at 7 19 09 PM

Ubiquiti are going to be adding it to their UI based controlling software but personally I prefer to control my setup without having a level of abstraction getting in the way I know exactly what the setup actually is rather than taking the software on its word that what I have enabled in the UI is actually what is happening at the router level. There is also the fact that I don’t want to install additional software on my computer unless I really need to do so because then it is yet another thing I have to take care of/keep up to date. I think at a later date I’m going to replace my USG with an EdgeRouter that can be setup via the web browser than having to install the controller software but at the moment it does what I need without too many issues.

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