Everything is looking great: Network is up, mobile phone is working

So I’ve finally got my home network the way I want it:

Fibre ONT -> UniFi Security Gateway -> UniFi Switch US-8 -> UniFi AC HD/UniFi Cloud Key -> iMac/MacBook Pro/Apple TV/iPhone

The Cloud Key is currently running 5.6.30 however I am looking forward to the 5.7.x series being released because that’ll mean officially ipv6 support through the controller interface. It is possible to login via ssh and manually make changes however if you make a change in the controller software there is no guarantee that those settings will stick around hence I’d prefer to wait for official support. That being said, I’m getting a great speed with my internet connection and finding that in some cases the latency is a lot lower particularly now that my point of presence is in Wellington (Porirua to be exact) rather than Auckland – where as 2 Degrees uses the Chorus backbone, BigPipe piggy backed on Spark which if I remember correctly have their own backbone. Here is a great article by Bill Bennett that outlines what has been done at least as far as 2 Degrees which moved from a mixture of Vodafone/Spark (IIRC Vodafone bought the fibre lines that the NZ Rail used to it since it was probably cheaper to sell and then lease back given how under-utilised they probably were) to a purely Chorus based solution ( link ).

Regarding the mobile network, I’ve moved from a prepaid (went prepaid so I could ‘test the waters’ before committing wholesale to it) to a pay monthly and I’m going to sign up for the $10 discount tomorrow once the whole over night processing takes place and the system is able to detect that I am now a pay monthly customer. It is amazing how far the 2 Degrees Mobile network has come since the last time I tried it out which would have been around 5 years ago with the announcement that in March 2018 the 2G network will be switched off which has been announced (I guess in an unofficial capacity on Geekzone) that the capacity will be redeployed to 4G meaning that 2 Degrees will have 4G present on 700/900/1800/2100 which makes me wonder whether the slow pace of 4G re-deployments on 700MHz is an indication that with 5G around the corner that actually they’re better off making a big splash with 5G on 700MHz – maybe in the future we’ll see a pure IP based network based around 4G and 5G which will hopefully also mean better deals as there more capacity that can be used due to the efficiency gained by switching over to 4G and 5G – especially when on considers that when you move 2 Degrees Broadband that your telephone line hooks up to the wireless modem/router which makes it a pure IP based network which leads one to speculate that 2 Degrees Mobile will plug in their mobile network into the same technology they use for their fixed line telephony service.

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