One more day to go before the weekend

One more day to go before the weekend starts so hopefully Friday night I’ll start giving an in-depth review of the UniFi network set up I have at home in relation to moving to 2 Degrees Broadband – a pricey set up but one of those things you buy once and it ticks away int he background doing what it is supposed to do without any interruptions. The iMac – I’m holding off on getting some games particularly with the warning that comes with 10.13.4 regarding the gradual phasing out of 32bit applications given that the games I want to play are still 32bit (Simcity 4 and others). Lets hope that those games get updated soon.

Gradually getting this sorted out in terms of financials: predictable income, a plan for the future and the motivation to stick to it – and most importantly it is realistic. Basically my goal is to really knuckle down for the next 6-12 months and get my house back in order so then going in the next year I’ll get closer to my goal of being 100% debt free and some modest savings behind me.

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