Advertisement free and diet back on track

So I’ve finally bitten the bullet and signed up for YouTube Red if for no other reason that I end up avoiding the mess that is advertisements appearing 11 times on a documentary that lasts 25 minutes not to mention it allows me to avoid the greater mess that is trying to run extensions only to find that the extension itself bogs down the browser more than what the advertisements itself would have done. It is also rather cheap given that for NZ$12.99 I get access to all the news channels I want (France 25, DW, Al Jazeera and so on) then combine that with Netflix, I essentially get everything I would get from Sky but at $26.98 plus more but with no advertisements – no complaints from me. Now, if only HBO, Netflix, Neon or someone could provide me access to RealTime with Bill Maher I would be a happy chap but alas here I am – lets hope it isn’t a situation of Sky sabotaging ‘on demand’ services by them having exclusive contracts but failing to actually provide the content to New Zealand viewers.

I was able to go to the supermarket and pick up two weeks worth of meals – all meticulous organised plus some much needed coffee in the morning rather than having soft drink (yes, I know it is bad for me but it was merely used as a ‘caffeine delivery device’ and I’ve been too lazy in the past to buy some coffee along with milk). Breakfast, lunch and dinner – all calorie counted and organised from start to finish which will make life pretty easy. My main meal of the day is lunch with breakfast and lunch being smaller – no soft drink at work will help ensure I don’t get dehydrated (soft drink has a diuretic effect) along with saving some money in the process which is good for all concerned. Looking forward to the start of a new week tomorrow then the end of next week I’ll take my scooter in for a new back tyre plus some major fixes such as the odometer then once that is all sorted I’ll study for my motorbike test with the aim that nay next year I’ll have a full motorcycle licence. Before that end point I’ve got to make those steps – one step at a time and soon enough I’ll reach my goal.

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