Chilling out after work

With going ad free for both Netflix and YouTube it is amazing how life is when you don’t get constant bombard with ads every minute then add that with Reddtit Gold, Arstechnica and Geekzone subscription, it makes life pretty much ad free where ever I go and hence I have the ‘Personal Plan’ at WordPress so that you, as end users, aren’t subjected to a barrage of advertisements. As I’ve said in the past, I am more than happy to pay for good content when it is delivered and I have the spare cash to pay for it – I’m still on the fence when it comes to news outlets like ‘The Guardian’ where I am tempted to get a subscription but I wonder how much I’d use it. That being said, if you want to encourage good journalism and allow it to thrive then you have to put your money where your mouth is or otherwise if it is purely advertisement driven then you end up with click bait trashy articles to get in the numbers to pay the bills and the quality simply falls through the floor.

Regarding UniFi – a new stable release candidate was released yesterday, 5.7.20, which will hopefully mean ipv6 will arrive in stable form and I can finally move over to ipv6. There is a UniFi AP AC HD update but I’m going to wait till it is fully tested and deployed with the controller update. On a good side it appears that 2 Degrees like BigPipe and a few others have gotten themselves organised for the eventual move over to the world of ipv6 – I guess since there are quite a number of technology orientated folks who tend to use either BigPipe or 2 Degrees or both. It is funny how when 2 Degrees first came out it was seen as the under dog and when 2 Degrees bought Snap, which was very much a internet service provider that technology oriented people gravitated towards the net result was inheriting a whole new set of cliental. I think of that in context with computer stores pretty much being exclusively 2 Degrees outlets such as PB Tech.

I’m currently deciding whether I should go back into creating videos on YouTube or uploading podcasts because it would give a good way to spend an evening to put my five cents out there for the world to hear but there is a cost involved with that. I’m think that the use of a podcast might be more useful since it reaches a wider audience and doesn’t have the same limitations of YouTube where it is a video where you cannot download unless you have YouTube Red not to mention me having to deal with the false flagging and false DMCA claims as experienced when I uploaded a video a couple of years ago – clue to YouTube, how about getting real humans to do evaluate copyright claims and flagging then ban those who make too many flagging claims based on their YouTube account and/or IP address range if need be. It feels good to vent.

Handed in my formal resignation from my last job so hopefully that’ll mean that I’ll get what ever money is owing from the holiday pay left over which will be great – probably around $80 but the big one I’m looking forward to is the tax return because I haven’t claimed my IETC so hopefully that should mean a good refund as well which I’ll also throw on the clearing things off and getting back into a stronger financial situation. My goal is by the end of next year to be totally debt free and I’m on debt to achieve that.

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