Update on life and how I feel about the latest fiasco

It is amazing how the further we get into the Labour-NZ First the more we find out about the things that were happening behind the scenes that the National led government did a damn good hiding from public scrutiny. So what have we seen so far: Nigel Murray and his jet setting and big spending that would make Elton John blush, the prostate cancer fiasco down south, the bowel cancer screening, now the latest fiasco on top of the delays with repairs and payouts from EQC/insurers we now learn that the houses that the owners thought were fixed and later sold weren’t properly fixed – why? Because assessors were unqualified, because in the ‘good old days’ we have the likes of ‘ministry of works’ that would have paid engineers that weren’t going full tick all the time but when the old proverbial hit the fan you don’t have the slack in the system to ramp up to take care of the problem.

Great, so the government can boast that they run the services on the smell of an oily rag but at what cost? So you save money off on the off years but will be the over all cost if the government is going to have to foot the bill for the half assed repairs? As much as the amount that was saved by running the government on the smell of an oily rag? What about climate change when natural disasters will become more frequent? What will be interesting is seeing what other horror stories we’ll see come out because I could imagine with the tax working group coming out before the election we’ll see Jacinda use these fiascos as an example of what happens when you run down the public sector thus leaving no slack to deal with events went they suddenly appear. I think the big part will be whether we see an investigation into not only Nigel Murray but also across the whole health sector – including re-negoating contracts so there are no bonuses or special add ons, you get a base salary and if you meet your targets then congratulations you get to keep your job.

Regarding my own life, I’ve had a look at podcast services and Libsyn seems to be the best one that I’ve seen so far especially given that it has syndication services that are compatible with the Apple iTunes service but that being said there is always Vimeo but the downside is that it is video based, in other words, if I want to make a video I’m going to have to beautify myself so am presentable on screen – something I don’t always feel like I’m in the mood for but then again I guess I could always encode a video with a single picture using ff-works (which uses iffmpeg to accomplish the task). 

On a good side it appears that XLD is gradually become 64bit so I’m tempted once it is update and stabilised that I’ll do some re-encoding using the super Apple AAC encoder but I’m looking forward to 10.14 being announced in WWDC because if the rumours turn out to be true then hopefully we’ll be seeing a ‘Snow Leopard’ like release which will focus on bug fixes and optimisations which will hopefully mean that those new technologies introduced in 10.13.x will have their rough edges dealt with so then more developers take advantage of them (keeping in mind that Affinity and Pixelmator are doing a pretty good job so far embracing Metal directly and indirectly).

Regarding the financial side, I’m at the stage where I gave BNZ over two weeks to get back to my inquiry via security messaging and still no response, I call up waiting for 30 minutes on hold thus using up my lunch time and still waiting on hold, when I get through it is outside of the department’s operating hours. With all that negative experience I’ve set through a complaint because it appears that all correspondence with BNZ has failed and if that fails then I’ll close up shop and move back to ASB.

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