Making progress…finally

Finally got in touch with BNZ to things sorted out. I really feel for the people who work as the public face/voice of the organisation as I have worked with ANZ in the past so I try to keep that in mind when I chat to staff – remembering to phrase things in a way where I am not blaming them but rather BNZ aka “BNZ has failed to…” rather than “you guys have failed to….”. So hopefully I’ll get it all sorted but that being said it isn’t a great loss if it doesn’t work out given that it makes life easier rather than being something critical.

Went for a power walk tonight and I’ve signed back up to /r/loseit as it keeps me motivated – I’ve come so far with so much hard work I don’t want to go backwards having made so much progress. I’ve got to keep reminding myself that – keep it at the forefront of my mind and then eventually over time it’ll become second nature where I don’t have to consciously think about it since it would have become second nature to me.

Another piece of good news has been that Motorad has moved from Vivian Street in Wellington to Alice Town in Lower Hutt which will make getting my scooter serviced a whole lot easier than before. I took it in on Friday to get the back tyre replaced, odometer fixed up along with a yearly servicing – “if it’s broken, fix it” has been the instructions left for the mechanic so hopefully it’ll be all ready to be picked up next week on Saturday/Sunday as they’re my days off.

Google has officially moved compiling of Chrome for Windows over to Clang/LLVM which lots of patches submitted back which makes me wonder whether we’ll see Apple start using Clang/LLVM for compiling iTunes on Windows which means keeping a common tool chain on both platforms. At the other end you have G-Suite growing in usage – not only in the startups along with small to medium businesses but also established businesses are seriously considering Chrome Boxes and Chrome Books which leaves Microsoft is a pretty awkward position going forward as to where Windows fits into the equation. Where I work we’re 100% Google and it is amazing how quickly you realise that Microsoft Office is very much replaceable when the organisation one works for is motivated enough to make the change.

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