I wish people would read, think, think again and continue thinking until they actually grasp basic concepts

What a train wreck. In typical fashion on Reddit, like most social media outlets, it appears to be dominated by folk who can’t be bothered reading, thinking, thinking some more and abstaining from putting their five cents worth into the conversation until they have a firm grasp on what the writer of the original post was actually saying. If you think that someone explaining the context (present and past) to contemporary decisions made by a country’s leadership as being equal to defending the country then it appears that either your intellectually dishonest or you’re so stupid that you’re unable to gasp basic concepts that most people tend to acquire by the time they leave high school ( link ).

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The person I replied to completed left out the historical context to the relationship between Ukraine, Crimea and Russia/Soviet Union so what that tells me is that in the absence of context they’re deliberately obfuscating the matter to try and create a narrative that there is no history that exists between the three territories other than Putin is a complete asshole and he rocked into Crimea for ‘shits and giggles’ because that is what assholes do. I pointed out there is a history, there is a context and if he wants to argue that ‘once you give a parcel of land to another country then you cannot take it back’ then sure – go ahead and argue that case but in that paragraph I wrote, at no time did I ever defend Russia’s actions other than pointing out the relationship between the three territories. Keeping in mind the precedent set in the Kosovan independence referendum – actions have consequences and they also set precedents that will eventually come back and bite you in the backside in the distant future.

Yes, what is happening in Chechnya is bad but the reason why Russia won’t invade Chechnya is because the last time they had a war with the Chechnyans it dragged on for years resulting in Yeltsin’s popularity falling through the floor (and only survived through western interference in Russian elections) because of never ending war where thousands of Russian lives were lost for what? Is the person I’m replying to advocating that Russia should start up another bloody and pointless war? doe OP really think that Russia can roll up, arrest Ramzan Kadyrov and his administration with no consequences? without a shot being fired? that thousands of innocent civilians on both sides getting killed? Then again his logic has never been all that good after describing the ‘free tertiary education’ for all as ‘free tertiary for rich white kids’ ( link ) which ignores the fact that those rich white kids parents pay more in tax and why shouldn’t they have access to free education or is expanding his pithy comment to explain how a means tested education would work actually require a few more brain cells than the one he has jumping between basic bodily functions (breathing, walking etc) and higher level functions such as reading, abstract ideas etc.?

When it comes to the so-called ‘troll farm’, it consisted of 13 people working in an office in St Petersburg which pushed out meme’s with barely legible English which gained next to no traction in terms of shares/likes/retweets but why address the elephant in the room such as the mainstream media giving Trump $5billion in free advertisement and Les Moonves, the head of CBS, more interested in the ratings than consequences of their actions on the direction of the election and in turn the country. Why address the fact that Hillary didn’t go to states known as the ‘Blue Wall’ because she took it for granted that she would win because of TINA (There Is No Alternative) because of the leaked emails that came out that the Hillary camp deliberately bolstered Trump so then she would have an ‘easy win’ in the election against Trump. Funny how people like OP would sooner ignore the substance of the leaked emails and expend energy whining about the fact that they were leaked in the first place – again, via OP’s lack of addressing any of the key points to Hillary’s defeat. It wasn’t because of Russian interference but because she was an appalling candidate resulting in a historically low voter turn out then combine that with a motivated right wing, the benefit to the right of the electoral college and the lack of policy substance on the campaign trail resulting in desperate people voting for Trump.

When it comes to Russia’s influence, again, once again we have people like OP over play just how influential Russia is – it has a $50billion defence budget (I’ve rounded it up to be generous to Russia), it is a paper tiger when compared to the United States that spends $700billion per year on defence.  This is the same nonsense that was made regarding Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the US administration labelling him as the ‘next Hitler’ along with the media playing on a loop such claims unquestioned by the media all whilst ignoring that the Americans refused to meet the prior president who was reformist in nature (well, as reformist as one can be in Iran) because the United States claimed he had no real power thus any meeting would be a waste of time. So what is it, is he the next Hitler on the verge of rolling across the middle east in an Persian style blitzkrieg or is this an example of WMD’s where the intelligence agencies are dead certain that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction only to end up finding some Iraq-Iran era mustard gas shells whose content were so old that it would have no impact on anyone trying to use it.

Now, I am not saying that Russia is innocent or guilty when it comes to the most recent assassination but it is important to realise how rushed conclusions resulted in an unneeded war occurring (Iraq) so how about sitting back and letting the investigation take place to find out who was behind it. I personally am sceptical that it was Putin who put out the order (for Sergei Skripal to be killed in the manner described in the media) given that Putin tends to be calculating in what he does so why would make use of an elaborate nerve gas that can be traced back to Russia when it would be easier just to get a hitman to shoot the former double agent Sergei Skripal? why go through all the drama when, if you wanted to get rid of your enemy, there are a lot easier and quicker ways of doing it without leaving a trace back to Russia. Keeping in mind that this is all occurring in the backdrop of FIFA World Cup that is being hosted in Russia so why would Putin risk it all when there is a major world event that allow him to harvest propaganda of Russia being a modern country with a pragmatic leader at the helm. That isn’t to say that Putin ‘lacks the stones’ to do it unless there is something that Sergei Skripal knew which was of high enough significance that Putin would risk an international incident because the reward of removing Sergei Skripal off the chess board was worth more than any possible fall out that might come as a result off the hit.

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