Google Apps quirks and fun

Chrome 65 with the built in ‘block annoying ads’ functionality makes life a lot more enjoyable but without the downside of having to install an extra extension – the functionality is built right into browser itself and so far it has done a pretty damn good job at blocking the various obnoxious ads that exist. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for advertisements to support free content but it there has to be a line drawn between advertisements being presented vs. a website that is basically a page of advertisements with a sprinkling of content. There are a set of guidelines that the ad industry have agreed to and those who are unhappy about the possibility fo their ads being blocked, ensure your ads conform to the standards set down by the industry group and you’ll find that your ads won’t be blocked. Amazing, when you respect your users and their rights then the user will respect your right to advertise to pay the bills and fund the creation of more free content.

Something I learned today – remember my past bad experiences with G-Suite and how I couldn’t get YouTube to work properly? yeah, seems there is an issue where you must have spent at least $30 on your subscription before the YouTube functionality is enabled. I’ve now got my G-Suite setup properly but in future, how about including that information on your website and ensure that those who are providing technical support actually understand what the requirements were because the person I was dealing with was trying the best they could but had they that information at their finger tips a 15 minute fruitless text messaging session would have resolved itself within 3 minutes simply by citing that requirement. Anyway, I now have it all setup and I’m a happy camper – a single account with three aliases so I can keep the separate forms of communication well organised.

I went down to the store on my day off and checked out the new Samsung S9 Plus and given the refinement over the last version combined with the adoption of Android 8.0 (which comes with treble ( link ) which will make for easier updating and upgrading) I’ve decided to give the Samsung S9 Plus a go with the added bonus that since I bought it early enough I was able to get the bonus package but I’ll sell off the parts I don’t want (Amazon Echo and wireless headphones) along side my old phone resulting in a transaction where I’ll come off cost neutral. Truth be told I was never comfortable with the Apple cloud services as they always seem overly simplistic and for the best experience when using Google’s services has always been with an Android device even though you can load some Google applications on an iPhone and get an similar experience it always felt like a pale imitation of the proper Google experience. Very much the same way that Microsoft Office is available on Mac but one couldn’t help get the feeling that it was always behind the curve, the poor red headed step child of the Microsoft portfolio that never really stood up to the same stature of the elder brother Office for Windows.

Finally, I made a tweet regarding Chrome a few hours before posting this article about how it is important to realise that Chrome is almost like a framework in its own right. For Google the purpose of Chrome is as a launchpad for its online services and in their own benefit to ensure that it runs as smooth as possible on what ever platform it is made available. Yes, Chrome is heavier than Safari but that being said Chrome does a whole lot more than what Safari does particularly when it comes to HTML5 conformance where Chrome 65 hits 528 out of 555 compared to Safari 11.0.3 hits 452 points so there is a bit if a functionality gap between the two then take into account on top the fact that Chrome is written to be multi-platform so in some cases there is some extra abstraction required particularly around the sandboxing it uses to maintain that gap between the underlying operating system and Chrome. So far on my MacBook Pro and iMac it is performing well and it is great when features such as the more fine grained pop-up blocker comes in handy when you want to specifically specify that pop-ups for a particular domain is ok but block for everything else unless specified.

This Friday and Saturday I have time off from work so I’m going to write a few articles that I’ve been putting off for quite some time so watch this space.

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