First day with Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Fitbit Ionic

So it arrived this morning via courier so there was the added bonus of being able to put it through the setup process and and see how it performs over a day. So far things are going a lot more reliably than the last time I went with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus where I noted a bug where if I was connected via wifi I wouldn’t receive text messages but interesting enough I bought a 2 Degrees branded/model Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus along with using a 2 Degrees SIM card and everything is going well – none of the bugs which makes me wonder whether there are configuration differences between Spark and Skinny even though they use the same network or whether it was the SMS bug that was doing the rounds that year about a bug that Samsung was rather quiet about. The fitbit I’m enjoying – easy to use interface, easier to navigate and I like the appearance of it when compared to the Apple Watch which looks like an attempt to make technology look like jewellery where ask I prefer the Thinkpad style that Fitbit went with when it came to their Ionic watch design.

Tomorrow I’ll head into motorcycle shop to pick up my scooter after getting the necessary repairs and hopefully by the time I come home that the two New World vouchers I bought through Fly Buys will have been delivered and I’ll use that to pick up some groceries. I’ve checked my Fly Buys Balance again and it appears that I’ve been given 500 bonus Fly buys which translates to around $100 New World vouchers – lets put it this way, I won’t need to worry about paying for groceries for a good month or two going at this rate.

I’ve just bought a copy of Podcast Addict which works great when it comes to catching up to podcasts as I am laying in bed getting ready to drift off to sleep. All the podcasts are signed up and saved – $4.49 to remove ads is a small price to pay IMHO.

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