It’s been a while: Catching up over the last week

Life has been been busy these days getting things sorted out at work then followed by the joy of folding up washing at home and getting things organised for the next week. Part of that has been getting my heater out of storage (well, the cupboard) and heating it up to see whether it worked and thank goodness I did given that today it has been pretty damn cold with it hitting 6°C over night tonight or even lower if things keep the way they do. The one saving grace is he fact that where I live I have good insulation in the ceiling, floors, walls along with heavy curtains which all help retain that heat over night which makes winter that little more comfortable. For me I don’t mind the cold it is the constant rain and dampness I cannot stand so lets hope that this winter it isn’t overly dominated by wet weather.

I’ve bought a copy of Compressor 4.4.1 which, although it isn’t as fast or 64bit like ffmpeg there is the benefit that the outputted file is standards compliance so you aren’t stuck in a situation of making a great file, compressing it, uploading it to to a service then finding that either the file cannot be read or if it can be read the result is the video being out of sync between the picture and what is being said. The big question is which service I’ll use but at this point I’m leaning towards Vimeo since it avoids the trollage and false flags that YouTube attracts due to it being a paid service with a more niche focus rather than attracting Joe Random who wants to upload stolen content from someone else channel to milk for ad revenue. The big question is whether my content creation will be suffice to justify at least to myself that it is worth while or whether I should just upgrade my WordPress account so it pools it altogether into a single point which will easy to manage.

I forgot to mention the other ‘small thing’ I enjoy which is the iTunes podcast service which doesn’t provide hosting but it is an aggregation service that allows me to subscribe to services like Democracy Now! videos so that I can watch it on my Apple TV. I also enjoy the first class experience with the YouTube application on Apple TV, and no, I’m not joking. Having used YouTube on Android on nVidia Shield TV and the embedded smart television version of Android, nothing beats the speed and reliability of YouTube on Apple TV – everything just works and I’ve never had an issue whether it is a playback of a video or streaming a live feed. On the subject of live feeds, the big move by Sky TV is to move to an IP TV based system which will mean the ability to download an app for ones Apple TV and sign up to a Sky TV service as easily as one can with Netflix – live streaming all the channels one wishes. They haven’t given a time line other than noting that it’ll be built by Cisco so it’ll be interesting to see what the final product is like.

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