The weekend is almost here

Almost near my weekend – Monday and Tuesday off but in the mean time finally got my kitchen sorted out as I’ve been rather lazy with my dish washing. I always rinse my dishes to avoid dried on sticky food along with the flies/ants that come but when it comes to washing with soap and water I can be lazy and I normally wait till the next day before I finally feel guilty enough and properly wash them. That is all sorted out now so I’m happy chap – the kitchen is all mopped, the dishes are done, and the food in the fridge is organised.

Ubiquiti has released an update to the Cloud Controller which bumps the controller to 5.7.23 but I’m also on the beta programme so I have a greater interest in the work being done in the area of the USG gateway and bringing IPv6 functionality not only to the Controller but also optimising the operating system stack to deliver the best possible performance. This is one of the reasons I moved back to BigPipe (from 2 Degrees) – to avoid the whole fiasco with having to deal with VLAN tagging on the WAN port via a PPPoE connection. I’ve updated my Cloud Key, forced provisioned all my device and things are working very smoothly.

I’m still deciding what I’ll do going forward in regards to opening up a Vimeo channel but I have a feeling at this point I might just  have a look at the possibility of maybe using my iCloud storage to upload short videos of 15 minutes or less which is more than enough if I am doing a commentary or I want to do a video review of a product of me using it – for $4.49 I can up the storage to 200GB which is more than enough to store a few gigs worth of videos for my blog.

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