Getting back on track with weight loss

I’ve been rather lazy over the last month or two so I need to get back on track again which includes having some focus on CICO (Calories In, Calories Out) so that I can see where I am standing during the day instead of right now where I try to keep track as I go though the day which isn’t an exact science. Although I am focused on getting out for more power walks the weather and work schedule don’t always line up to giving me time so I really do need to focus on the diet first and the exercise being an icing on the cake rather than being dependent on exercise to keep that CICO in balance.

That being said, on my day off I want to do a top to bottom clean up – dusting, hoovering etc. so I can get my house 100% clean and tidy. Not that it isn’t clean or anything but I’ve been doing things in a piece meal way where as I want to go through each room and sort everything out in a logical and methodical way which will mean that there will be no loose ends. The big one will be the kitchen as I’ll need to pull out the oven and fridge to sweep and mop behind them but the bigger challenge will be dusting – getting rid of all the dust that seems to just build up and me wondering where on earth it all comes from.

My big goal is to get myself in a good financial situation by this time next year so that I am go overseas for a holiday – have a goal work my way towards in which will help me keep focused on the big prize and also a way to ‘pick me up’ when I feel down and help me get back on track. By having a long term goal it acts as reference point so that I can keep reminding myself, “is this helping me to get closer to my end goal”.

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