Mixing things up and getting back on track

What I’ve decided to do is rather than having a big walk each night I’ve decided to split it in half so that I have a 40 minute power walk before work then a 40 minute power walk after work and what I’ve found is that I’m no longer sore or stiff which can put me off keeping it up for the long term. Regarding the diet, I found some good breakfast biscuits – there is a new ‘soft range’ which will be nice at work with a coffee although before work tomorrow I’ll heat up some vegetarian sausages in the oven.

I’ve been following Firefox and it appears that the improvements that were merged into Firefox for the desktop are going to make their way into Firefox for Android. The interesting part will be over the long term when the core of Firefox is refactored and replaced with Rust based code with a primary focus on security and scalability to take advantage of multi-core configuration as well as hardware acceleration (Metal, DirectX and Vulkan) where appropriate.

Apple seems to be taking the ‘improve the product quality’ drive seriously with the work that was done on 10.13.4 and how quickly they’ve rolled onto 10.13.5 beta cycle so hopefully at the beginning of June when WWDC is launched we’ll see 10.14 focused on nailing down those fundamentals and hopefully see more investment into Metal to address performance shortcomings along with moving their software portfolio fully over to 64bit – particular Compressor which is still 32bit.

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