Next step, putting it in action

So I’ve just organised my spread sheet all sorted out to keep tracking of calories in and calories out although I haven’t worried about keeping track of calories burnt when it comes to exercise since I view exercise as the ‘cherry on top’ rather than a critical component to the weight loss – I’m more focused on calories:

Screen Shot 2018 04 18 at 12 14 36 AM

If you’re wondering, yes I am using Apple Numbers for my spreadsheet. Long term I’m looking at getting an Apple Watch but I want to get my financial situation in good order and wait for the Apple Watch 4 which will the a truly mature product With that being said, I’ve feeling a whole lot better having the two short walks (one in the morning, one at night) vs. having a long walk at the end of the day with the benefit of not feeling stiff and horrible plus it is such a short amount of time (40 minutes) it is difficult to rationalise my way out of going for the walk which will make the routine a lot easier to stick to. Tomorrow I have some vegetarian burger patties for my brunch which will be 435 calories not including sauce and for meals at work I am opting for smaller meals so I take along 3 breakfast biscuits which around around 219 calories per packet and the net result is because I’m not having massive meals I’m not spiking my insulin resulting in feeling majorly hungry at the end of the night. I’ll see how that goes over the next few weeks but I think smaller meals more often that are calorie controlled is better than having a massive meal with all the side effects that come from that approach.

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