So damn cold!

It is so damn cold in the Hutt Valley 7.4°C so I’ve decided to stay inside rather than going for a walk and had a hot chocolate with a piece of apple pie before bed. One thing I need to remember is to take a scarf to work to keep warm because on the way home tonight it was so cold – my legs were cold but I guess I’ll either need to get used to it or I just start taking the train between Petone and work rather than my 50cc scooter. The cost of getting a monthly train ticket is $81.90 which I might end up caving in to buy once June hits since it’ll be only for a couple of months and it’ll be avoiding the barmy weather especially when it inevitably rains when one least wants it to rain.

The second beta for 10.13.5 has been released and as usual the chorus of complaints about nVidia driver quality and issues with responsiveness comes forward. There is a reason why Apple moved to AMD because AMD gives Apple access to the driver source code where as nVidia tell Apple to go fornicate with themselves. The net result? Apple is able to spend resources on the Intel and AMD ensuring that the drivers and Metal work perfectly together where as with nVidia they’re at the mercy of whether nVidia give a damn. To those who complain, direct those complaints at nVidia because there is very little that Apple can do given that nVidia hold all the cards – it is the same reason why Sony and Microsoft went with AMD as well.

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