Winter is coming, heater is on

I was worried that my power bill would be too high but it wasn’t too bad – I’m limiting turning on the heater to only the nights when I absolutely need it but that being said I’m not going to be a martyr as I’ve done that before and it ended up costing me more in doctors visits and time off than the money  saved by cutting corners on the power bill.

I’m enjoying my iPhone X, MacBook Pro and iMac – I’m going to start writing up reviews this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) since they’re my days off and I like having a nice lazy relaxing day at home. Hopefully I’ll be motivated enough to get it done.

The rumours regarding WWDC 2018 have started up with changes merged into the webkit source tree that points to ‘dark mode’ coming to the macOS 10.14 in a more comprehensive manner rather than the situation today. There is also rumours regarding greater harmonisation of frameworks, the gradual removal of 32bit compatibility (maybe starting with really old frameworks and first then working up from there?) and there has been a rumour that there will be a greater focus on getting the fundamentals right with an optimisation and bug fix release so hopefully we’ll see a focus on making things work smoother.

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