A great day at work and now off to bed

Had a great day at work especially with the wonderful dinner that I had – a new pumpkin soup that Hellers has just released in the last few week and damn was it tasty. It reminds me of the pumpkin soup that mum would make at home; full of flavour, bits of bacon bits (like what you get at the butcher) would give it that smokey flavour along with all the other great flavours that are infused into the soup. It is one of those things at work that when you have a meal you can enjoy at dinner time it makes the shift go that extra bit smoother. Tomorrow I think I might take the smoked salmon risotto to work because it’ll be something hardy and filling on a cold evening as I will have Thursday and Friday off from work then back on Saturday and Sunday – my two days off I’ll make use of the vegetarian means I have; the tofu starry with sauce and the vegetarian sausages.

My current work place has a deal with ANZ so the big question is whether the deal is worthwhile but so far there aren’t any discounts that make the disruption worthwhile other than the fact that it has Apple Pay. Reminds me of when I was working at ANZ and and I went for a balance transfer at Westpac and the person at Westpac was surprised at the fact that I the employee package was rather miserly. Oh well, something to think about at work but so far I’m happy with ASB.

Only one month to go before WWDC 2018 and if this year they had a release that had one sole focus and that was on stability, security and standards compliance (making webkit more html5 compliant etc) then I’d be a happy lad. For me as much as the novelty of new features does get my excited, I would sooner stability because those new features lose their shine once the warts start to appear when one is trying to get work done. Personally I’m more excited about the ‘State of the Union’ where they talk about the big changes coming in the future along with the individual sessions where engineers from Apple do deep dives into their specialist areas.

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