“He gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse”

So I went down the road to have a look around at the store – manly just to get me out of the house or otherwise I start to feel as though I’m a hermit. Went to muffin break and bought a delicious chocolate muffin and a cappuccino to warm me up and I then started to go around to all the banks I still had accounts open with and close them down. Now, you’re probably wondering why I had a whole lot of accounts open, when I was a student Kiwibank offered great deals to students and had a Visa debit card, I then opened up an account with ASB because of the better online facilities (and Visa Debit had arrived) but kept the Kiwibank one open because I was selling stuff on TradeMe so it was good to have an account open at Kiwibank so then sales done to people who also have Kiwibank their payments would come through instantly. I then started working at ANZ and thought, “well, I might as well take advantage of their staff deal” but the staff deal was a bit of a let down hence I opened up a Westpac account so then I could do a balance transfer and lock it in at 5.95%. All this was happening and I just simply got lazy but I thought today I’ll finally get my ‘a into g’ and close down all those unused accounts.

So whilst I got all that sorted out I checked out Spark to see what deals they were offering because I ideally wanted to bundle all my stuff in one location plus I liked the fact that I got a Spotify subscription as part of a mobile plan as it would avoid me having to pay for another subscription for the cloud to back up my music to the cloud (I currently have it on an external drive but past experiences don’t give me much hope that something won’t go pear shaped). Then there is Lightbox that is thrown in as well which has a good selection of programmes and available on the free television the threw in (I was sceptical about the television given that they normally try to get rid of an old model but what they had was a 2017 model which is still receiving updates of Tizen (the operating system that runs on the television)) and the reviews have been pretty positive around Tizen on the television but worse case scenario there is always the new crop of Android TV devices that’ll be coming out soon such as the JBL speaker bar which has Android TV built in along with voice activated commands (aka Google Assistant) so it appears that Google has finally woken up and realised that if they want some skin in the game and the ability to move the platform forward that they need to stop being reliant on television manufactures to do the right thing and instead have affordable set top boxes. That being said, Apple TV doesn’t get it right but it is the old story of ‘choosing the product that sucks the least’ and there is an opportunity for Google and partners to get their act together and off consumers more for less.

Spark internet will be all installed on Tuesday so I’ll be a happy chap – the Google Wifi access points are working great as I have them all wired up so it avoids the issues with a mesh setup when moving large amounts of content. The modem I’ve been given that I have hooked up to the fibre ONT is a Huawei HG659B, I switched off the wireless functionality so it behaves like a simple router with the heavy lifting being done by the Google Wifi access points.

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