Tripping over something interesting

So I came back home from work and had a look around at the various settings on the Huawei HG659B and it appears that you can actually put it into bridge mode which will enable vlan tagging at the router but all the heavy lifting such as establishing a PPPoE session along running a DHCP server to hand out IP addresses internally (and lots more). By doing that what it avoids is the issue of double NAT (network address translation) conflicts – all the information on the step by step instructions can be found here (link) and funny enough I’ve found the latency and response time for resolving host names is a lot quicker so I’m happy with the end result so far (looking forward to being setup with Spark on Tuesday 15 May) so I’m going to keep things going. As for GMail – I love the new layout, I really do, because I am a big user of note taking application and it was incredibly jarring having to invoke another browser window where as with the new GMail design there is the keep application in the side bar where I can randomly put stuff that I’ll come back to at a later date to deal with or I just leave it there for unstructured information that I really cannot be figged formalising.

Reading through the news and it appears that the Google Cloud business is winning customers (my own work place uses them along with G-Suite and Chromeboxes) – FitBit is taking advantage of the big data analytics of Google along side the healthcare API and there are rumours going around about how Fitbit would be an ideal take over target as there are rumours regarding the Pixel 3 line up will include the usual refresh along with the appearance of a Pixel 3 watch so buying out Fitbit would tap into the expertise they have in the fitness and health area. The other big customer is Twitter although it won’t be a total and complete move to Google Cloud it will be interesting going forward whether cost pressures force Twitter to rationalise why they have their own datacentre in favour of pushing all their operations to the Google Cloud.

I’ve got the television all sorted out for delivery tomorrow and at night hopefully I’ll have some time to install the update then get it sorted out with YouTube (I’ve got a subscription to YouTube Red to avoid the ads – yes, I hate ads that much) so I’ll probably do a review of that after maybe a month and maybe some reviews of other devices I’ve got.

As for my personal life, things are progressing well and working towards my overall goals so that works out well: A year for consolidating gains and getting the fundamentals nailed down for next year when I’d like to do some travel outside of New Zealand but before I can do that I need to get any loose ends tied up. Oh, and I’ve got a new roof that will hopefully be getting installed before the winter really catches up which will address the leaks I have in the roof. As for my diet, it is funny how easily I’ve slipped into a healthy vegetarian routine – saving money and getting healthy at the same time, the perfect combination.

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