Weekend quickly approaching

Well, I thought I would be connected up with Spark on Tuesday but it appears that there was a miscommunication between BigPipe and Me over what was actually going to happen. All is not lost and the installation/transfer will occur on 21/22 May so all is not lost but that being said I’m happy with the current setup in terms of the hardware. Oh, and on topic regarding Spark, it appears that NZ Post Couriers tried to deliver the television today at 3:30pm because, you know, delivering something on a day when the vast majority of people actually work makes oh-so-much-sense – you’d think that they would have a delivery roster that would make greater sense – maybe not deliver on Tuesday and Thursday thus leaving delivery days to include weekends when people are actually at home or at least home one of the days during the week (for shift workers such as myself). Sigh, I really have to wonder who thought that delivering something between 9am to 5pm was a good idea when the majority of people are actually at work (I started work at 1:30pm so go only knows why couriers insist on delivering in the afternoon when absolutely no one would be home even on the old school 9am-5pm Monday to Friday schedule).

When I get home tonight I’m going to put the recycling out along with the rubbish. As a single person I fill up a council rubbish bag in two month and everything else is recycled – something that disappointed me was the removal of curb side recycling by the Upper Hutt city council but then again if I had my way I’d merge all the councils into a super Wellington City council and standardise services over the whole region rather than the mess that exists today (the only people who oppose such an idea have been local politicians who want to feel as though they’re the big fish in a small pond although they use the empty rhetoric of ‘democracy closer to the people’).

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