Good bye Google Play Store Music, hello YouTube Music; Google Wifi update on the way

Reading through the comment section of an article can really take a toll on ones ability not to get frustrated when you see people hysterically writing out strongly word posts about how their life has been ‘literally destroyed’ because Google has the audacity to consolidate all their Music, Movies, original content etc. (aka ‘media’) on a single delivery platform with a single unified brand aka YouTube rather than the current situation of the Play Store being the delivery for some but not for others. It is amazing to read posts by people who firstly haven’t been even bothered to read the official announcements and secondly jumping to conclusions before the first release of the refreshed YouTube Music application is released not to mention the fact that over the next 12-24 months there is going to be a flurry of improvements to bring it inline with the feature set found on Google Play Store Music (as mentioned in the official announcement). In other words, it isn’t the end of the world but actually a vast improvement that needed to take place, and as noted in a past post I made on the consolidation around Google Pay, Google is working on consolidating their brand and it boggles my mind that anyone would see the steps taken as something negative.

Google has pushed out an update to their Google Wifi management along with announcing a firmware update for May 2018 (link) which will be rolled out gradually so things are moving quickly so it’ll be interesting to see where things will be in a years time especially with the refreshed Pixel 3 line up along with the much rumoured Pixel 3 watch that’ll become the show piece to show off the rebooted Wear OS (previous known as Android Wear) along with the reboot of Android TV with the JBL sound bar speaker which doubles as a set top box running Android TV which is rumoured to have the next version of Android TV (based on Android P) loaded onto the device along with major performance improvements given the chronically bad performance as observed on the nVidia Shield, which, even with good hardware, still very much struggles to provide a ‘fast and fluid’ experience for the end user.

WWDC is starting in around 2 1/2 to 3 weeks so it’ll be interesting to see what the announcement will be like regarding macOS and iOS although the bigger focus will be how iCloud fits into all this because it is still very much a bare basic cloud service when compared to Google where Gmail as a lot better spam detection and eradication, the recent update with Gmail and the integration in with Keep, Tasks and Calendar in the sidebar so that it becomes a ‘one stop shop’ where all your needs can be taken care of in one spot, the larger storage option as standard, the ability to setup a custom domain and email addresses etc. I don’t expect a major change but Apple does need to take its Cloud side of the business seriously but bringing in house the development of software and operating systems that run on their datacentres like how Google do or otherwise they’re always going to be dependent on trying to retrofit their vision on top of a third parties piece of software and the net result will always be a half baked compromised end result. I also wonder what the logic was regarding the ending of Airport Extreme Base Station given that it would have been a great opportunity to launch a custom Airport Extreme with an Apple SoC running ‘airportOS’ along with support for USB storage devices formatted using APFS for example, implementing SMB 3.1.1 compliance out of the box for greater performance, implement PPPoE via IPv6 which wasn’t possible under the old models etc. On reflection, that sounds like a good idea for a post in the future  – I’ll make a mental note to come back to such a topic in future.

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