“An offer I wish I had refused”

With all the excitement I regret having moved to Samsung S9 Plus so I’ve moved back to my iPhone X 256GB and an Apple TV 4K (this time the 64GB model). Although the excitement of having a new toy is definitely something that taps into my inner geek I also long for the stability and reliability that comes with iOS and knowing that the updates appear like clock work. As much as I was whinging and whining about the supposed ‘power of Gmail’ the reality is that that power comes with a trade off not to mention losing all the niceties that come with a ‘wall to wall’ Apple ecosystem where I can send/receive texts on my computer, initiate and answer phone calls, not to mention the glorious iMessage that ‘just works’.

With all that being said, I’m happy I moved over to Spark given that it is easier to budget when you’re dealing with on organisation not to mention that I can make fortnightly payments into my account and keep track of costs (yeah, I could just transfer the money into a secondary account then pay off the credit card at the end of the month but the temptation of ‘raiding the savings’ is too tempting for someone like me). I’m making use of Spotify where I’d sooner be using Apple Music but the Apple Music library is missing music that is available on Spotify such as the Ahmad Jamal Trio’s album ‘Awakening’ where there are tracks missing which are available on Spotify (the last time I checked) although that might have changed recently I’m unsure.

When I got back home tonight I sorted out my network where I’ve got a 15-20m ethernet cable from the ONT in the office/spare bedroom over to the lounge room where it is relatively centralised where all devices can get a pretty good signal plus it has the benefit of being able to turn off 2.4GHz and keep 5GHz running (as noted before, I am in an area that is heavily covered in 2.4GHz Wifi broadcasting). Tuesday next week is when the switch over occurs where I’ll need to come home on Tuesday and remember to enable VLAN tagging to the router and reboot which will make I’ll be all good to go. As for everything else in my life – sigh, getting back on track after a set back, I guess that provides me with greater motivation.

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