Google Wifi and Huawei hg659b

One of the downsides of ISPs in New Zealand is the insistence on using VLAN tagging (from what I understand it is part of what is required for vendors who offer telephone and internet via UFB – that telephony services occupy another VLAN) but I’ve got my Google Wifi setup all working now by following these instructions (link) on how to turn the hg659b into little more than a tagging gateway with the Google Wifi itself doing the heavy lifting aka PPPoE initiation, deploying IP addresses within the local network etc. In the case of the hg659b it is a matter of logging into the router and following the linked instructions (link) with the net result being a very stable and responsive experience not to mention that the hg659b has a limited number of 5GHz channels that it broadcasts on where as on the Google Wifi setup (all the base stations are a wired together mesh network) support channels as high as 149 which has provided plenty of clear space between myself and my neighbours. Everything is working very stable – no complaints from me.

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