Constructing the ideal Google Wifi Network

As I noted before in the prior post, I have gotten the hg659b into bridge mode with the Google Wifi base station doing the PPPoE heavy lifting and relying on the Google network of DNS servers which so far has been very, very reliable especially given that the hg659b can be overwhelmed quite quickly so I had to do wired connection from the Apple TV to the router but even then it was easy to get overwhelmed and find that performance drops quickly. The big challenge when setting up a mesh network is the locations of these base stations as to ensure they’re at a good heigh to obtain maximum coverage which is where this mount (link) comes in handy which will enable me to mount the device on the way at an appropriate height whilst also being able to hide the ethernet and power cable behind the surplus curtain that are present at the end of the window. The second part of the mix is a MicroTik router which will be a nice step in – once I get that I’ll upload a step by step process of setting it up.

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