T-Shirts Galore!

So saw one t-shirt I wanted to buy (from the company I bought my Twitter client from) and while I was there I saw some other t-shirts so I thought I might as well buy them as well (link) (link) (link) (link) (link) so they’ll be arriving some time towards the end of June/beginning of July. Regarding the MikroTik router, that appears to be arriving on Monday however I’m going to get a drill piece on Tuesday to finally sort out the cabling issue so it looks tidier and less visible. The mounts that I’ve ordered will hopefully be arriving mid June – I chose the cheapest delivery because there is no way I’m going to pay $40 to get it delivered in 10 days when I can wait a few more days and get it it delivered for quarter of the price. So far the Google Wifi has been very robust and I’m looking forward to the firmware update being released but in usual Google fashion they’re rolling it out in stages so that if there are early teething issues they can be addressed before it turns into a fiasco.

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