Loving Spotify, dream network setup almost there

I’ve been getting used to Spotify and what I’ve also done is had a search around the Spotify library to see whether it had some of the non-mainstream and out of print albums by artists such as Arthur Adams, Grady Tate and others. I was able to find them all except for ‘Demon Fuzz’ which, I guess, is a bit of a specialised/niche album but a great album none the less:

Hopefully that’ll one day come to Spotify but I guess worse case scenario I can try and find a place that sells the FLAC version of the album so I can download it or at least purchase the CD if it is still in circulation.

Tomorrow the two MikroTik access points along with the PoE adapters will arrive which will mean my network will be all complete and I’ll have robust coverage but so far using the wired ethernet using cat6 STP has provided great speed which will be particularly important if at a later date I end up upgrading to gigabit fibre plan which enable me to really hit those top speeds particularly as I move away from storing things locally in favour of using iCloud to store backs of music that aren’t available on Spotify.

The router that I am using is this one (link) and I have found it incredibly robust especially once it has been updated to the latest version of the firmware, 6.42.3, where I am able to get as close to line speed as I can (100mbps down, 20mbps up):

1222 l

With the access points being the hAP ac² (model number RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TC) which has all the grunt that many of the more expensive access points have as well as being PoE powered which is great for someone like who, when mounting the device on the wall, would prefer one less than trailing down the wall or having to worry about an extension lead. 

1468 l

There is the mount that also acts as a stand so the big thing will be where I’ll mount it in my lounge room along with my bedroom. The great benefit of these devices – no extra software is required on my computer or my mobile phone since they can all be managed through a web browser which avoids the situation with Ubiquiti which insists on making life more complicated than it needs to be or Google’s insistence that everything must be done through a mobile phone for reasons I’ll never quite understand.

Regarding performance over all, the one thing I noticed with BigPipe was that over time the performance wasn’t as good as it once was – resolving host names (DNS server) became slower, download as well as upload speeds weren’t as great. I understand that currently Spark is going through some network restructuring but so far I have found Spark to have a slight edge and when you sign up for a fixed period of time 12 or 24 months) the differences in price pretty much disappear. I also used to use Skinny but once again once I threw on the cost of Spotify (of which I am a big fan of now) plus access to Lightbox then the gap closes quite a lot.

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