I tried but failed: So long MikroTik, hello Ubiquiti

The MikroTik finally arrived and although I did get the router working the access points were a complete train wreck where the initial wizard was buggy and the setting didn’t transfer across, specifically, the wifi settings where either the 5Ghz or the 2.4GHz will transfer across or if you’re lucky the whole thing doesn’t work. Then there is the joy of joys: you put the device into bridge mode and you cannot manage it via the web based interface and the Winbox application they suggest isn’t available for macOS so it turns into a ‘wall to wall’ nightmare of nothing ever working. The net result fo all that? I’ve sent it back and I’m going back to Ubiquiti, specifically with the following setup:

Screen Shot 2018 06 01 at 12 04 22 AM

So in the spare room (well, it is more like an office since it barely fits a single bed plus a bedside table in there with anything more it would be considered crowded) is the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) where the fibre from the street comes into the home and basically it acts as a gateway for one to connect up a router to which in my case I’ll attach up the USG. The USG is connected to the ONT via the WAN port with the Switch connecting to the LAN port and off the LAN ports on the switch I attach up the Cloud Key and Unifi AP AC HD which is involves running a cat6 STP from the switch to the PoE injector then then 20m cat6 STP from the injector along the skirting board to the wardrobe, then up the wall to into the ceiling cavity and then run across to the hole where it will drop down to connect up to the access point which will be attached to the ceiling in the living room.

Tomorrow I’ll receive the the equipment from GoWifi (reseller for Ubiquiti) and I’ll get it all setup – I’ll include a run down on what happens along with some photos because I might as well do a review of the setup as well but that being said I’ve got my birthday so I’ll be enjoying it with the family. At the moment, however I am at home relaxing on my bed with the heater going full blast because it is something like 5 degrees celsius outside and thank god I’ve got good insulation in the roof, floors and walls to keep the warmth in. I’m also having a look at this documentary (link) and so far I am enjoying it immensely whilst chopping on some organic free range pork sausages I cooked in the oven – yummy with brewers BBQ sauce.

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