Network equipment has arrived and it is all setup

It has arrived and I quickly opened up the box – everything needed to make the perfect network all in one box (well, multiple boxes):

In the third photo (going around clockwise):

  1. Unifi Switch 8-60W
  2. Unifi Security Gateway
  3. Unifi AP AC HD
  4. Cloud Key

The first thing I did was attach up the Cloud Key to my old route, upgraded the firmware to the latest version (0.10.1) and once that was done I also set a static IP address (as I do with all my equipment) then attached it up to the switch (which has PoE outlets switched on by default until the standard Unifi Switch 8 which only has one PoE outlet and it is switched off by default) and then I attached it up to the switch along with everything else attached up:

ONT → Unifi Security Gateway G → Unifi Switch 8 → Unifi Cloud Key

→ Unifi AP AC HD

The great thing about the configuration is that I can reach the wire speed without breaking a sweat – everything works smoothly. In the lounge room my iMac is connected at 1300mbps and in my bedroom I am connected at 878mbps not to mention the fact that I can live stream from YouTube to my Apple TV without any hiccups when downloading on one of my computers whilst using my iPhone – something my old router would struggle at. When it comes to using the Unifi Controller, I suggest that if you are going to setup a Unifi network at home then the way to make your life easier is to invest in a Cloud Key – you don’t need to worry about installing the controller on your computer, it takes care of updates etc. behind the scenes etc. Unifi might not be the first when it comes to features but when they do arrive they are as solid as a rock and that is something, as I have gotten older, have come to appreciate a lot more especially after coming home from a long day at work and all I want to do is watch something on Apple, update my blog etc.

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