Long time no blog: Getting things back in order

It’s been a while since I’ve done a persona blog entry so might as well give ‘the internets’ an update on how life is treating me. I bought a couple of bottles of ‘Coca Cola No Sugar with Stevia’ (thats a mouthful) and the first bottle there was a, well, horrible after taste so I thought, “ok, maybe it is one of those things that you’ve gotta get used to like how Americans some how can stomach Hersey’s chocolate even with its vomit aftertaste”. I then gave it a second chance the next day as I left it in the fridge at work so it was nice and cold when I got into work – nope, the aftertaste was just as horrid if not more than before. I’m all for preferring to eat natural healthy alternatives but holy crap was it atrocious – maybe the use of monk fruit will catch on but anyway I’m back to Diet Coke/Pepsi Max instead.

Tomorrow I’m going to chill out and probably order a copy of Blade Runner 2049 – I was going to do it last week (and the week before) but I have to admit I was too lazy to do it but tomorrow I’ll chill out in the lounge room – crank up the heater and snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket. Tonight is pretty cold, 8 degrees celsius, so I’ve got the heater on so my room doesn’t get too cold but hopefully the cold weather won’t carry on for too long although personally I loath the wet weather more than I do when it comes to cold weather.

It appears that the old Safari extension model is coming to the end of its life as Apple is phasing it out in favour of the ‘Safari App Extension Platform’ so it’ll be interesting to see whether favourite extensions like Ublock Origin will be ported over considering that it’ll require them to being written specifically for Safari’s API set not to mention the JSON content blocking rules limitation of 50,000 which sounds a lot but you quickly find that when you consider all the variations and permutations of code that needs to be block then it is easy to hit 50,000 rather quickly. Lets hope that with some feedback that they can double the number of rules because then at 100,000 that would pretty much keep almost every person who wants to use an ad blocker a happy chap.

I’ve got my TradeMe back online and my finances are getting there gradually (with the long term goal to be 80% debt free by the end of next year). The experience with Spark has been great – very reliable and I’m enjoying Spotify which has allowed me to get rid of my external hard disk since all my music now resides in the cloud and I download it to my individual devices or stream as with the case of my MacBook Pro or iMac.

I’m looking forward to macOS Mojave making an appearance with the inclusion of Safari 12 being bundled with macOS along with the dark mode user interface, the revamped App Store which will herald the launch of Office 365 towards the end of the year. 9to5mac has a nifty video outlining some of the changes:

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