Crazy week and now holiday

Ah yes, pay day today and along with that I had my grocery shopping. Unlike previous times I actually made a list – amazing how when you make a list you avoid doubling up on things you don’t need along with ensuring that what is bought is actually is what required. I also got some extra staff – date scones for work as an afternoon tea snack, some nice jams that I can have on them etc. along with a butter chicken pie and a chickpea pie which will make for a nicer dinner on my day’s off rather than having soup or risotto all the time. 

The second round of developer release for macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS has been released so it’ll be interesting to see when the first public beta is released but I’d speculate that’ll probably be around Mid to late July/beginning of August with the final release slated for the end of September based on the past three releases although it could be pushed back to mid October if you look further than the last three releases. All the feedback I have heard so far regarding the developer release is how stable it is when compared to previous developer releases but that is probably due to the fact that Apple has narrowed the scope of this release and hopefully this will remain a constant theme going forward as to avoid biting off more than they can chew.

It is interesting to see the work being done in the area of Safari particularly around web applications but I still have a feeling that although web applications will exist and used by many (as with the case of Google’s own services) there will still be a segment of society that will prefer to run standalone applications even if the standalone application is merely an electron based PWA the preference is a dedicate application. In the case of me, I much prefer using the Mail application that comes baked into macOS than using a web based interface just as I prefer using the built in tools such as Contacts, Calendaring etc. because it allows me to also integrate in with my iPhone (along with answering calls and sending text messages) and if I did move to a completely Google setup (as I have tried in the past) I end up losing all that integration between my devices and I don’t gain anything out of it at the end of all of the disruption.

Anyway, it is damn cold now, 1.0℃ outside so I’ve got my heater going full blast in my bedroom and thank goodness the place I live in is well insulated along with wearing some nice woollen socks I bought from Costco when I visited Australia. That reminds me, apparently Costco is coming to New Zealand so hopefully we’ll see them set one up in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch (in the three major centres) given that it should provide them with sufficient population sizes to make the whole venture profitable. The one thing I liked about it was the ability to get good quality products at reasonable prices which is something New Zealand desperate needs.

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