Brrr, cold night

Home after working damn it is cold according. I checked out the Met Service report for my area and the website sates that it is 0°C but to be honest I can deal with cold weather but at least it isn’t rainy which is a nice change from the usual wet and damp weather which makes the cold weather worse than usual. I’m in my bedroom with my heater pushed up to the max to keep it warm – I’m going to keep it on all night so then at least I can get out of bed without freezing like this morning (it appeared to have dropped quite a lot last night after I went to bed).

I’m looking forward to Microsoft Office making it’s way to the Mac store so hopefully we’ll see more information about what changes have been made to the sandboxing requirement which has bought back Barebones and Panic to the store along with Microsoft Office making an appearance in the store as well. The other big feature of macOS Mojave that I’ll be looking forward to is Safari 12 which will bring greater compliance with open standards although changes to the extension API which will eventually break many blocking applications so lets hope that they can raise the number of rules to more than 50K. Btw if you’re wondering how to keep track of the new features the best way is to check out the changes in the documents (link) between the latest stable version of Xcode (9.4) an the current developer version (10.0 beta 2) – hardly any new API’s but lots of changes and tidying things up.

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