Start of the weekend: Brr cold weather and cool technology

Apple has released the fifth beta for iOS, tvOS, macOS and watchOS – it’ll be interesting to see when it’ll be released but it appears they’re making a good effort at tying up as many loose ends as they can especially when you consider that there is hardware that won’t be receiving the next round of upgrades thus necessitating the stabilisation with future updates purely focused on security updates (as they’ve done in the past). All that being said I think the big changes will occur in 10.15 when 32bit support is removed, a path forward for UIKit on macOS will be released along with a plan regarding OpenGL/OpenCL eventual removal given that in 10.14 that they’ve only announced deprecation but not a removal date. On a side note there is MoltenVK which is Vulkan on top of Metal but there is also a MoltenGL that exists although it is closed source and only supports OpenGL ES which makes me wonder whether we’ll see the organisation open source it or it is bought out by an organisation like Aspyr then build up OpenGL desktop/workstation support to 4.6 so then it is possible to move games to 64bit, keep the original OpenGL code without having to do a tonne of leg work re-writing large sways of code for Metal 2.

Been following politics and it is amazing how low National has dived to – little or no self reflection after the loss, the insistence that NZ First had an obligation to go with National “because we got the largest number of votes” but ignoring the fact that NZ First has an obligation to its constituency that voted for them to get the best possible deal – Labour gave them the best deal where as National put all their eggs in one basket with “tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts….” (not the first time they’ve made this mistake – anyone remember the three terms under Labour where National tried the same strategy and only ended up winning by being watered down Labour?).

We’ve now had the Labour government for almost 9 months and National still don’t have an alternative vision other than “more roads, tax cuts and whining about Labour stealing ideas”. Ah yes, the ‘labour stealing ideas’ where National claim that ‘we were going to totally do it bro, give us a forth term and we would implement it”. It sounds like someone getting the results of a horse race then going into the local TAB to claim that “oh, believe me bro, I was like gonna totally bet on this horse and it won! Am I able to get my winnings” – no, that is no how life works and National had three terms to do it in and squandered that opportunity just as Bill English had the opportunity to mark a clear line between the era of John Key and the beginning of a new era but alas he is a man of no ideas surrounded by people with bad ideas that lacks the courage of convictions like Key but  simultaneously lacking the charm and charisma to get the media eating out of his hands (which would act as a distraction of just how mediocre he actually is).

After that venting I wonder whether I should start producing a podcast where I vent my frustration in a 30 minute well crafted rant – oh well, I guess I’ll just have to ‘wait and see’ whether it is worth it.

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