Chilling out at home once again

Installed the latest updates on my two computers – MarsEdit has been updated to 4.1.2 and everything is going very well. I’ve been using this application way back to the 3.x days when it first appeared in the Mac Store and I’ve been a very happy customer ever since. One of those times when you find something that works and stick with it. I’m looking forward to seeing Mojave being released along with iOS and tvOS but it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the next iPhone. Rumour has it that Intel has been cut off from being a supplier for the next mobile modem which makes me wonder whether Apple will have its own mobile modem with the W3 chip bringing 5GHz support along with Bluetooth then eventually with the W4 they bring their own mobile modem into their SoC pretty much resulting in a top to bottom 100% Apple designed components.

Watching 12 Monkeys – the final episode for the whole saga and it is pretty damn exciting – I won’t give away any spoilers but it does raise some interesting questions regarding morality, one life to save 7 billion, whether, if it were possible to change the past, that there would be a butterfly effect in terms of the changes reverberating and have unintended consequences. It was a great ending to a great series so my big show I’m following is Expanse which has been recently been taken on my Amazon plus there are a few programmes coming later on the end such as ‘Better Call Saul’ so things are going to get interesting in the second half of the year.

With Christmas coming up I’m going to look at heading up to see grandma over Christmas – she is getting on with age so it is best for her to remain up there and for the family to come up and visit. I’ll take a week off from work and catch a train up there as I’ve never been on a track between Wellington to Auckland although I have travelled from Picton to Christchurch and the journey was quite relaxing. Anyway, from now till the end of the year I might take a couple of days off but I’d prefer to keep my holidays built up so when I want to take a holiday later on that I’ll have enough weeks off to make the holiday worth while.

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