Skinny phone, Skinny internet

I gave Spark a go but I found that although the bundle sounds great the problem is that I never ended up using Netflix and Spotify is just oh so bloody awful on iOS and on the desktop. Spotify is the prime example of what happens when you have a desktop application written by engineers who want to do the least amount of work possible so you end up with a Electron clusterfuck of a application that is appallingly bad in almost every way imaginable. I’ve moved to Skinny Mobile for the $26 per month (300 minutes talk, unlimited text, 2.5GB data) and then throw on Apple Music for $14.99 which works out to be $20 cheaper than what I had with Spark. Regarding my fibre connection, since BigPipe and Skinny share the same networking infrastructure which in turn uses Spark’s networking infrastructure (it’ll be interesting to see whether in the future BigPipe and Skinny Broadband end up merging since they’re pretty much overlapping each other and using the same support staff behind the scenes) and the cost per month is $78 for a 100mbps down and 20mbps up.

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