Skinny broadband and getting things sorted out in life

As mentioned in a previous post I was moving to Skinny Broadband and it is now installed:


Keeping in mind that Skinny is Spark’s sub-brand which uses all the Spark infrastructure but with none of the frills that you’d get with the broadband plan such as Lightbox and Netflix for 6-12 months ‘on the house’ from Spark. For someone like me who found the two services lacking along with dealing with the horror story that is Spotify’s electron desktop application the move to Skinny has resulted in a superior experience. For mobile $26 per month for 300 minutes call time, unlimited texts and 2.5GB data (which is roll over) then when you consider I get free wifi at work the reality is that 2.5GB is oodles then throw on Apple Music which is $14.99 per month (I might eventually buy a year subscription since you effectively pay for 10 months and get two months free). The one I’m on is $78 per month and the speed is great and the icing on the cake is the fact that, like BigPipe, PPPoE doesn’t require VLAN tagging which opens up a lot more choice when it comes to routers (I have notice that the ping is a lot better which makes me wondering whether VLAN tagging is adding latency or whether I’m just being lucky). Anyway, I’m all good.

I haven’t mentioned this but I deleted my IRD account because I wanted to change my username but unfortunately when I recreated my IRD login I could’t link it back to my RealMe ID so in the end I’ve had to delete RealMe ID and recreate it again which will also address the second issue I was having with a few other sign up services. I’ll need to get that all verified tomorrow but now everything is working. It would be nice if there was a more efficient way to sort this sort of situation out without having to delete ones RealMe then recreating it again with all the hassle that it entails.

Work is going well and there are some big projects going on behind the scenes so eventually towards the end they will roll out to customers which will make some training for those of us on the front line along with lots of calls as customers will be asking for help on how to not only use the new website but also the new features. Change is good and it’ll hopefully get more customers interested in the services we offer which will translate into more opportunities for promotion, pay increases etc.

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