One more day then the weekend

The department head had a quick whip around to find out what peoples preferences were when it came to work and my preference I put was Wednesday to Sunday, 13:30 to 22:00 – I prefer to have weekdays off for my weekend because it allows me to get things done that I cannot do on the weekend such as if I need to go into he bank or get my RealMe profile verified (as two recent examples). Personally for me I see the traditional weekend (Saturday and Sunday) as just another two days to it is inconsequential whether my weekend (allocated two days off) appears on the weekend or on a weekday but as noted before I’d sooner two week days off instead. Hopefully when the new roster comes out through August that it’ll include the preferred hours.

Been following politics and it is amazing how often we seem to be repeating history over and over again with the usual apologists from the ‘centrists’ about how the concerns of the left wing (like myself) are overblown whilst ignoring that it was the exact same thing that previous generations said about how certain things couldn’t repeat because “we’re more knowledgeable now” and “we’re a more open and tolerant society than before” etc. What is even more scary is how absolutely ignorant of history and basic facts so many people on the internet are – talk about a complete failure of the education system to equip people with critical thinking skills not to mention any sense of history, philosophy, economics etc. Gah, dealing with people does my head in.

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