Another macOS beta release and some overtime this week

The week is going great so far and the good news is that I am picking up some overtime by working Saturday but to be honest I’d be open to working Sunday too if they offered me to the change which would give me 17 1/2 hours over time for the week which translates into more money in the pocket and getting closer to my financial goals which will be great. Keeping in mind that it has been a lot colder than it has in the past which has been higher power bills but as summer comes along it should mean that things get back to normal.

I’ve been watching the documentary series uploaded to YouTube called: “No Gods, No Masters: A History of Anarchism”

Quite an interesting series with each episode around 50 minutes or so long.

The t-shirts I ordered online (From Cotton Bureau) finally arrived an they’re of very good quality so if I do need to purchase hoodies and other stuff then it appears to be a great place to buy it from – the cotton is very hard wearing an heavy weight. I personally prefer clothes that are more heavy weight and hard wearing hence my preference for the drill cotton black shirts I bought from Hard Yakka which are used in an industrial work environment – resistant to stains, easy to clean and last for a long time.

Things are going great with Skinny and am finding the internet a lot more responsive – there is an update that Ubiquiti will be pushing out in the next week so it’ll be interesting to see what improvements they have in store but their initial 3.9.40 update was pulled back because of some last minute bugs but they’ve just released their 3.9.42 so hopefully second time is the charm and there will be lots of positive feedback on the release candidate and that translates it into being pushed out in a weeks time.

In terms of getting healthy, it is about having the discipline to stick to a routine and eventually it’ll become second nature – celebrating small victories and remembering that slip-ups occur and getting back on track the next day because the start of each day is a second chance.

There has been another developer beta release of macOS and with that means we’re probably going to be around 10 weeks alway from a release at the earliest although if there is an iPhone event like they usually do around this time then there is a good chance that around mid September that they’ll make an iPhone announcement, possibly announce an iOS 12, tvOS and watchOS 5 release date (when it’ll drop to the web) then a release of macOS towards the end of September as what usually happens. It’ll be interesting because it’ll not only mean a release of macOS it’ll also include a completely revamped App Store along side big names like Microsoft, Adobe, Bare Bones Software and Panic bringing their flag ship products to the App Store.

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